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Anti-Embolism Stockings


The CAROLON CAP anti-embolism stocking system offers the most precise and reliable system for deep vein thromboembolism prevention available in the world. CAROLON fits each patient accurately by providing the broadest range of sizes and superior product design.


CAP Stockings feature a full foot design, inspection toe, floating heel, specially-designed knee, and a non-constrictive thigh band. CAP Stockings are manufactured in CAROLON’s state-of-the-art facility in North Carolina. Stockings are tested in our in-house laboratory and certified for precise graduated compression by the foremost external testing lab in the industry; MERCHANDISE TESTING LABORATORIES – Brockton, MA.




Accurate, graduated compression from ankle to thigh for patients who are unable to wear standard anti-embolism stockings because of extra-large thighs up to 36″, abnormally shaped legs, over bandages after surgery or when edema is present. Precise compression rates are made possible by the triangular-shaped panel and VELCRO® closure that may be set for proper size. With this adjustable panel, constriction of the upper thigh is virtually eliminated.

CAROLON’s patented Adjustable Thigh Stockings have all the advantages found in CAP anti-embolism stockings. Because the panel is opened during application, it is easier to apply the stocking to larger legs or over the knee where staples may be present. If thigh bandages are present, the stocking can be fitted over them, and as the bandages are removed, the stocking is adjusted to continue the proper amount of compression.

The adjustable panel sewn into the thigh is soft, pliable and durable. A 3/4″ VELCRO® strip provides a smooth, sure and even connection. The VELCRO® panel attaches easily and securely, even when the patient is ambulatory. Proper adjustment allows accurate control of compression in the upper thigh. Sewn at the top of the adjustable panel is a soft knitted non-constrictive band positioned over the femoral.

By utilizing either the CAROLON CAP or ATS Anti-Embolism prevention system, each patient will receive the highest quality protection against pulmonary embolism.